Made In Japan Cream Pitchers …Floral Friday

Sugar and creamer sets are borderline utilitarian and knick-knack.  Aside from traditional tea drinking, our contemporary coffee drinking styles have left them pretty much behind. However, many of them are too nice to put away in a cupboard.

I gathered three different styles of creamers that were made in Japan. These vintage pieces provide a great starting place for simple, cheery arrangements.


I love Shasta daisies, and I just had to have them now.  An elongated Lefton creamer with a forest-mushroom motif suited the bill for a happy display of the blooms. This array is suitable year-around.


The light blue and white pitcher is a modern take on cranes.  The size is perfect for an African violet planting.


An elaborate Lustreware pitcher is decorated with traditional Japanese depictions of people at leisure. I added a sprig of bamboo and tiny flowers.


J 7-1-01The Blue Jay of Happiness notes that small cream pitchers are available in many unique styles. Attractive vintage examples can be purchased for next to nothing at thrift stores.

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