What Is This Thing? …Floral Friday

The peculiar pot was displayed on top of an old industrial television cart all summer into the autumn at my favorite thrift store.  When I first spotted it, I picked it up and asked one of the store owners, “What is this thing?”  He had no clue. I shrugged my shoulders, put the thing back to where I found it, then continued browsing the store.


Each week the avocado green thing remained on the teevee cart.  Each week I pondered it.  The item looked vaguely familiar.  I guessed it was some sort of floral container because of its Haeger Potteries sticker on the inside. I just couldn’t understand why it looked like a turban and how it is supposed to stand up.ff112516d

This week, the container was still on the teevee shelf. This time, the price had been slashed to 50-cents. So once again I picked it up. Suddenly, I noticed that four decorative elements are ram heads. An aha moment happened. The green thing had to be a hanging planter from the golden age of macramé! As I plunked down some pocket change to pay for it, I asked the clerk to tell the store owner what the mystery pot is.


At home, I brought out a vintage yarn macramé hanger and tried it out on the pot. Yahtzee! A perfect fit. Next, I cleaned up the container, placed it back in the macramé hanger and suspended it from the ceiling in the den. Because it was hanging, I was able to create a retro arrangement that was period correct for the pot.

The mystery macramé hanging planter hangs to the right of my home shrine, adding an enhanced note of calm for meditation.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness is surprised to discover that macramé crafts are still being created and enjoyed by many people.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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