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GERD Awareness

The last time I visited the dentist for teeth cleaning and examination, the hygienist tilted the chair to a negative recline position.  That is, my head was lower than the rest of my body. Within a few minutes, I felt … Continue reading

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Ideas For Sweet Potatoes

This Thanksgiving, someone is bound to prepare my least favorite casserole–standard, baked sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping.  Ick!  I just don’t like sugary sweet side dishes, period.  Furthermore, sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping is not my idea of dessert, either.  … Continue reading

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It’s Family Week

When the word “family” is mentioned various people visualize deeply personal images of their own families or the types to which they desire.  Across the United States families have provided love and support to children and have been the center … Continue reading

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Afraid Of Being Unneeded

To anyone paying attention to current events, we have noticed a harsh, exclusionary trend sweeping across much of the West recently.  Misguided opinion makers are taking advantage of social changes to fuel jingoism and anti-immigrant sentiments for political advantage.  The … Continue reading

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Pop Tarts

Today is the 52nd anniversary of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. They were first introduced in the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1964.  I can hardly believe these things have been around for this many years. Wikipedia’s bland definition of this product seems rather kind-hearted. … Continue reading

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Woods …Floral Friday

Items constructed from whole wood, not particle board, nor plastics, have a certain luxurious look and feel.  Whether it is the artifact, itself, or the container for another product, wood implies quality. Today, I use wooden objects to prove this … Continue reading

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November Photos

The Autumn Days of November are lit by sunlight approaching the Northern Hemisphere at a sharper angle. This makes for especially vivid colors when sunny days are paired with more colorful life at ground level. Autumn 2016 has been a … Continue reading

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