Touché …Floral Friday

ff120916aThe now defunct Shawnee Pottery Company came out with a line of floral pottery in 1956 with a line called Touché. They were finished in textured glaze on the exterior and smooth glaze on the interior. Another one of Shawnee’s popular lines was called Confetti. The exterior glaze was a more nubby texture.  I have examples of both for you today.


This first example is a Touché bouquet vase (marked USA 1030). I wanted to enhance the “Atomic” era appearnce by using dark blue floral elements as a bold contrast to the pastel glaze color.


The Confetti planter appears to have three rounded elements, so I carried through with a theme of three Crysanthemums springing up from a bed of ivy.


A second Touché bouquet vase in grey needed another bold treatment. The cluster of orange poppies fit the bill perfectly.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness notes that touché, as used in those old swashbuckler movies is not a word of victory. Instead “touché” means to concede a point to the opponent in a sword fight. It is an expression of respect.

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