Singles Appreciation Day

OK, so you’re single, unattached, or otherwise without a date for Valentine’s Day and you’ve made it through Desperation Day in one piece.  We’ve arrived at Singles Appreciation Day at last.  We have managed to get through some soul searching and accept our lot.

Despite your best efforts you might still have a nagging sense that you’re missing out on life because you might be spending the night alone. Why not go to your wardrobe closet right now and find a green shirt, skirt, or pair of slacks to wear. (Green is the complementary color on the spectrum to red.) This will help make you feel solidarity with other singles. It may help put you in the mood to more fully appreciate your single social status.

Some relationship “experts” recommend that you go out somewhere special alone like dinner or theatre. Or maybe buy a fancy gift for yourself.  If that’s your thing, great.  That’s not why or how I’m celebrating Singles Appreciation (or Awareness) Day.  I’ve done that, been there, and have the tee-shirts.

By all means, do show yourself respect and kindness, after all, today is not Singles Deprecation Day. If giving yourself a little treat helps you feel better, go ahead.

I’ve been single most of my life with only two instances of being partnered (but not married). Right now, even though I presently have a beau, my legal status is single. Due to distance and professional circumstances, I usually find myself alone each February 14th. This is the point of view from which today’s post is written.

singlesappreciationday-02There’s no need to feel self-conscious about your single status. Most folks are wrapped up in their own romantic or lack of romantic lives to give much thought to other people’s love lives. Even though there are some fanatical people who make it their business to disapprove of your business, pay them no heed; they’re up to no good anyway.  Sanctimonious folks just need to get over themselves. Our love lives, straight, gay, abstinent, or otherwise, are not on the table for discussion.

Despite your insistance that you love being single, the fact that coupled and married people will likely be on a date or celebrating together is going to enter your mind.  This is when you can enumerate the personal reasons that you are grateful for being single. There are many benefits to being single, don’t just think about them, write them down in ink on paper.singlesappreciationday-03

Don’t just jot down the nice things about being single, list the difficult aspects of being single. Contemplate the hardships and be thankful for the lessons they taught you. Perhaps you developed strength and resilience. One valuable lesson might be the importance of empathy and compassion towards others in your life.

One of the best things I appreciate about being single, is that I have more time for quiet contemplation and meditation.  It’s easier to spontaneously sit and enjoy the simple act of just being alive. We don’t need to be self-indulgent to celebrate and appreciate being single.

Singlehood is good and wholesome in and of itself. Being a single human can be very, very good.

moi1986bThe Blue Jay of Happiness says he’s not exactly single.  He’s in a long-term relationship with adventure, observation, and life.

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3 Responses to Singles Appreciation Day

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