Tinny …Floral Friday

I don’t know if “Shabby Chic” is still a decorating style or not.  I came across some items that reminded me of the idea this week.  All three are constructed of metal and have a distinctive “tinny” appearance.  In as much as shabby chic is based on reuse of materials and items, it made sense to do a Floral Friday by reusing the three “tinny” containers.


I found a tall, grey, hefty steel vase a couple of years ago at the Goodwill Store.  It looks like it was inspired by someone who likes shabby chic and steampunk. For the armature, I used the tip of a weathered tree branch that had fallen into the back yard. A gladiolus stem and a couple of other design elements finish the creation.


Nothing says “shabby chic kitchen” quite like an old coffee tin.  It’s been several years since Folger’s has used metal cans, so this green can is probably vintage by now. I jazzed it up with three roses and a faux saw palmetto fan.


The sheet-metal planter appears to have been originally designed for a shabby chic home. I rescued it from a box of old flower paraphernalia that was headed to the trash. Ivy seems to work well in this type of planter, so I used some as the foundation for the flowers.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the ancient Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus. “Old things are always in good repute, present things in disfavor.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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