A Few Old Family Photos

During the past year or so, I’ve been going through old belongings that had been squirreled away in nooks and crannies of dad’s house.  Perhaps the most interesting, yet melancholy inducing artifacts are a handful of very old photographs.

Most of the pages of a very old thin, black album that belonged to mom had been nearly emptied of pictures. The few that remained were glued strongly in place or were loose.  In addition, an old manila envelope contained loose photos that belonged to dad.  There were only a few more pictures than mom’s old album.


The image that elicited the deepest wonderings is the antique photo of great grandma Katy, mom’s maternal grandmother. On the reverse was the penciled notation, “grandma Katy before she was married”. That means the photograph was probably taken sometime in the late 1800s.


The other photo from mom’s album I decided to share shows mom and my uncle Larry posing with my maternal grandfather.  Seeing grandpa here gives me a smile because I remember  he mostly wore bib overalls every day.


The only commercially framed photo in today’s collection came from dad’s envelope.  I’m guessing that this photograph of my maternal grandmother was taken for her graduation from teachers’ college. It may have been done for the school’s yearbook I don’t have. Judging by her hair style and clothing this was taken in the early 1920s.


The picture of the assembled musicians is labeled “dad’s band”.  That refers to my paternal grandfather, who was a member of a jazz band in the 1920s. He is the young man with the bowtie at the right end of the middle row. He played horn, but his favorite instrument was banjo.


The old car belonged to dad’s brother Marvin who bought it after his high school graduation.  This picture was shot in rural Madison County, Nebraska some time in the 1940s.


The last photo is a fast-forward in time to possibly 1959 or 1960 in Wayne, Nebraska.  From left to right are my sister, three second cousins, and me. We were enjoying some of great aunt Emma’s famous popcorn balls. Such sweet memories.

blja_gt_lThe Blue Jay of Happiness quotes musician Robert Smith. “I became an adult in an extreme way. I was recently sorting some old photographs and I found another.”


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One Response to A Few Old Family Photos

  1. Doug says:

    Seems like there was a lot more snow back then. Poor car covered in white. Your grandmothers graduation photo was impressive. She was quite attractive. Must run in the family!

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