Using Orchids …Floral Friday

I mulled over how to approach today’s theme for several days.  At the urging of a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to write an in-depth article about the use of orchids in floral arrangements.  In the end, I decided not to do so at this time.  It seems that SoundEagle is in a better frame of mind to do this. The site covers a great many topics in much greater depth and detail than I do.   If you haven’t seen SoundEagle’s blog you can check it out here:

Meantime, the best way I can address the subject of using orchids in floral design is to simply photograph some examples.

I have one “pre-fab” orchid and two that I created for today. Ready to go or “pre-fab” orchids can be found in live or faux forms.  Since I generally use faux blooms, I decided to show one I came across and bought at a thrift store. The stark, simple pink flowers are perched in a contemporary basic planter sold by Scheurich of Germany. I can visualize this in any setting from traditional garden room to Bauhaus.  This is spartan Germanic design at its most basic, technological form.  The no nonsense planting is encased in a plastic pot that snaps into place in a concentric ridge inside the ceramic planter container. German engineering–Wunderbar!

A Tiki vase or tumbler by Daga of Hawaii is the base for a tropical style arrangement.  The vertical armature is an element from a dry assortment pack. The spiral end echos the angle of the orange colored blooms. Faux berries and fill flowers enhance the planting medium.

A relatively rare, vintage “Gardenhouse” white planter by Haeger Potteries grounds the classic white orchid stems. I used a standard wooden florist stake to build a traditional form. With minimal fussing, the design pretty much fell into place.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders this odd statement by novelist Joe Schrieber: “In her mind, the orchid was still screaming.”

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