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Using Orchids …Floral Friday

I mulled over how to approach today’s theme for several days.  At the urging of a fellow blogger, I was encouraged to write an in-depth article about the use of orchids in floral arrangements.  In the end, I decided not … Continue reading

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The Time Capsule

The sturdy green metal trunk has been stashed away in the primitive basement of dad’s oldest house for at least a few decades. Before that, it was in the basement of my childhood home for as long as I can … Continue reading

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This past weekend I received a snail-mail letter from Lobsang, one of the Tibetan monks I sponsor in India.  He usually informs me about his studies at the university at the monastery where he lives.  Lobsang also likes to include … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Growth

While reading articles and blogs, I sometimes come across writers who extol growth.  It’s a fuzzy buzzword that appears often in self-help or spiritual writing.  Growth is usually presented as a positive virtue.  In the mental and “spiritual” realms, growth … Continue reading

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Alessandro Volta’s Big Discovery

The power source for many of our modern devices had its humble beginnings due to dissected frog legs. Pavia University Physics professor and student of chemistry, Alessandro Volta was in disagreement with anatomist Luigi Galvani. The two men disagreed over … Continue reading

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Have you given much thought to dependence?  I’m not thinking about the contemporary problem of substance abuse.  A lot of thought by a great many people has gone into that type of dependence.  I mean dependence in the larger sense. … Continue reading

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Thinking About Optimism

I wonder if having an optimistic outlook on life is mostly inborn or learned.  Our personalities are complicated.  Psychologists are not precisely sure whether optimism can be successfully learned or if a sunny disposition is part of some people’s general … Continue reading

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