Visual Statements …Floral Friday

Have you ever wondered about the idiom, “to make a statement”?  That is to make a statement in the non-grammatical sense. We might hear it used in an advertisement such as, “This car makes a statement about your position in life.”

What is the definition of that statement about the car? That you have attained a position in the upper class; or that you don’t mind paying $800 per month on lease payments? Rarely are these so-called “statements” anything solid. They’re usually quite abstract and have little if any true definition.

If a person says a certain thing, color, fashion, etcetera is making a visual statement, she or he is trying to indirectly communicate a particular impression, wordlessly. It’s a way of saying that one is creating a façade, or a false front, in the positive sense.

This week, I attempted to blatantly do the same thing with containers and their contents.  The outward appearance attempts to convey an abstract impression to the viewer. I do this every week, only this time the efforts are more explicit in that I’m reminding you of them.

There is nothing smooth and slick about any aspect of the jagged Shawnee planter dish containing cacti and succulents. Does it affect you emotionally?

What about the antique Indian colonial era brass jardinière?  Does it say anything in particular about India? What is communicated by the pairing of the complex jardinière with the simple gerbera daisy?

Am I trying to “say” something by using a vintage mustard yellow panther ashtray as the foundation for a grouping of pastel flowers?

What is it that you try to say when you create something that does not use words?

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the photographer, David LaChapelle. “I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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