Glassy …Floral Friday

I display colored glass vases on the check rails on some of my house’s double hung windows. Tuesday, while gazing out one of the windows,, I noticed that a green “lozenge” shaped vase had gathered dust. It had to be washed. As I dried the vase, I wanted to  use it as the base for a dried arrangement.  Right then and there I decided to use two more glass containers and make glass the theme of this week’s Floral Friday.


It turned out that the other two vases needed a good scrubbing.  While washing and drying them I visualized the end results.

The small, hand painted red Fenton swung vase looks more luxurious because I wound a 20k gold chain around its neck. A springy metal stem echos the metallic theme and crowns the solitary rose.

A medium-size, contemporary, translucent mottled white vase is home to a few stems from a flowering bush. Ikebana is the inspiration for the design.

The Blue Jay of Happiness says to see beauty in the seemingly trivial. You can use the trivial to create something original.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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