“Our Army” (Magazine)

The job of sorting through the last of dad’s old stuff in the attic is moving into its final phases. Tomorrow, is the deadline to have everything removed from the property.  This week I went through the stacks of magazines and flyers in the attic of the old house and sorted boxes over the dumpster cart, piece by piece.  During the process, I came across a vintage magazine from the second World War.

The May 1945 issue of Our Army is in fairly good condition except for one page that had a coupon for Pepsi Cola torn from it. I’d never heard of the publication until this discovery.  There was no information on the Web about it aside from a few eBay offers.  While attempting to find information about Our Army, I also found eBay offers for the sister magazine Our Navy.

This magazine reminded me of the much more famous military related periodical Yank magazine. However, Yank was a weekly publication intended for all branches of the service, while Our Army was a monthly, intended mainly for those serving in the Army.

The only direct information about this publication comes from the masthead just above the table of contents on page 1. It says, “A publication for the United States Army published monthly since 1928. Member Audit Bureau of Circulations. Largest monthly magazine circulation in the U.S. Army. Our Army is Not an Official Publication of the War Department.” I didn’t find anything about the “Audit Bureau of Circulations” as it relates to World War Two, anywhere on the Web.

This issue of Our Army contains a mix of fiction entertainment, “news from home”, “news from the front”, and various other information deemed important to soldiers of the day. There is also a great number of advertisements–many of which are quaint and humorous.

Among the contents is a section devoted to short news blurbs about Army and wartime events.

The printing date of the publication was at the tail end of the war in Europe.  There were many mentions of the anticipated victory of the Allies over Germany.  One photograph of a Hitler effigy caught my attention.

Of course, during any war, building good morale is a prime concern. Our Army had cartoons throughout its pages and sections dedicated to jokes, humor, and human interest stories.

I don’t know if dad bought a copy of the June 1945 Our Army.  I’m sure there would be many upbeat stories relating to the victory in Europe. I’ll go through the last of the magazine stash tomorrow.  I hope to find a copy.

The Blue Jay of Happiness saw this anonymous quip in the magazine: “Combat will occur on the ground between two adjoining maps.”

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5 Responses to “Our Army” (Magazine)

  1. GP Cox says:

    You have quite a stack of treasures here!! I’m downright jealous!!

  2. GP Cox says:

    PS. I just noticed that it cost 30 cents. Wouldn’t that make it a private publication rather than government? Just curious, I’d love to get my hands on one! Guess I’ll hop on over to ebay……

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