I contend that it’s not the “movers and shakers” that forge history, it’s the “movers and makers” that really do so. When we think of American History, we had people like Frederick Douglass a mover and Alexander Graham Bell a maker. There was also Benjamin Franklin who was both a mover and a maker.

When I think of those who contributed to the greatness of America, I think of those who built the trans-continental railroad, the bridges of San Francisco Bay, and the rockets to the Moon.

The real point is, that people of all backgrounds and ages have been and continue to be the movers and makers who have collectively pushed the nation forward. People who have thought up creative solutions to major and mundane challenges in life. For the most part, the people who make things are ordinary Americans and they are those who dream and tinker.

Each of us probably can think of people whose lives revolved areound making. In my world, one of those people was dad. As a householder, he spent weekends in his basement work room or in the garage fashioning things out of wood or metal. Many of his projects were repurposed from worn out items.

Dad’s profession was civil engineering. He spent all of his professional life as an engineer and project supervisor for the Nebraska Department of Roads. His office space was filled with blueprints that he drafted for highways, intersections, and small bridges. Sometimes he brought me or my siblings to construction zones where makers with heavy machinery paved the highways and intersections. They constructed the bypasses and bridges that dad helped to design.

There are countless people like my dad, who continue to do this work. There are also the many workers who do the heavy lifting to make those projects a reality all across the country. This is so commonplace that we take our highways and streets for granted. Sometimes the only time we notice the makers, is when we are “inconvenienced” by construction and repair crews.

Our highway system is only one aspect of the nation in which makers are of prime importance. If you glance around your area right now, you’ll see plenty of things that people have designed, or invented, and made. You might be sitting on a
chair or sofa that was designed and made. The house, apartment, or office building you’re in was the result of making. Makers designed and assembled the device on which you’re reading or hearing these words.

In order to maintain the momentum of progress and improvement, the nation must not fall down in our efforts to provide quality, scientific, factual education to our pupils and students. We need to encourage people of all regions, genders, age groups, and ancestry to share their innovative ideas and the things they make.

It will take everybody’s ingenuity, skills, and rational knowledge for us to remain viable and relevant in today’s highly competitive international market of movers and makers.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Orson Welles. “I don’t believe in learning from other people’s pictures. I think you should learn from your own interior vision of things and discover, as I say, innocently, as though there had never been anybody.”

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