Happy Leon Day

Just like death and taxes, the over-promotion, and commercialization of Christmas is a fact of life. I get that some people start playing holiday songs after Halloween. I even chuckle about Xmas in July. I’m finally accepting Leon Day.

No, the holiday does not celebrate Saint Leon. Even though there might be a commercial promoter named Leon, it’s not named after him, either. The holiday is not a salute to Saint Leon, Indiana, but Hoosiers there might celebrate Leon Day.

Leon is a semi-palindrome. That is a word that spells a different word, backwards. In this case we get Noel from Leon. I’m guessing that whoever came up with the name for this unofficial holiday chose a half-palindrome because Leon Day signifies that Christmas is half of the year away.

I’m just going to relax and accept that hype over Christmas happens earlier every year. I’m braced for when stores begin to ask us to start shopping for Christmas on Boxing Day or even Christmas Day, itself. Why not? Some smartypants is going to eventually do so, someday.

Believe it or not, there are some people who celebrate Leon Day as if it is actually Christmas. They watch the Charlie Brown Christmas video; play some holiday CDs; bake Christmas cookies, and even serve hot cocoa.

Other folks are more sensible about Leon Day. They use the time to update their holiday card mailing lists. Do they have some new friends or family members to add? Who has died? Who haven’t they received cards from for several years? Who will receive presents, and who won’t? People might begin planning for this year’s holiday get-together or family reunion. They might even be on their company’s holiday party planning committee.

I’ve heard of Leon Day celebrants making ornaments, and planning what their trees will look like this year. I hope they’re not putting up a tree for Leon Day. People who have outdoor holiday displays sometimes plan their next layouts during Leon Day. They might do electrical tests and safety checks as well.

Because I’m accepting Leon Day this year, I plan to use the time to cull my Xmas decorations and donate them to the thrift store (They display Christmas stuff year around.)  While I’m sorting, I’ll play my CD copy of the original Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Album. Then I can forget about Christmas until Christmas in July.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders this ancient Confucius quote: “The Master said,’The Gentleman understands what is right, whereas the petty man understands profit.’ (Analects 4.16)”

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