Many of our efforts are scattered and wasted. This is a frustrating fact of modern living. There are so many ways to get sidetracked and it gets harder to stop and let go of the distractions and get on with our original work.

We spend time and money on stuff that will probably never deliver useful results. Sometimes we remain distracted on some detour and continue to invest a lot of energy in vain that will never reward us nor build up our dreams. From time to time we realize this, so we sit down to prioritize the various aspects of life.

Sometimes we forget the original dream and the inspiration of our personal vision. The last time this happened to me, I spotted an old Walt Whitman quote that had been placed on my refrigerator door long ago. “Speech is the twin of my vision, it is unequal to measure itself, it provokes me forever, it says sarcastically, Walt you contain enough, why don’t you let it out then?” These words were enough to nudge me back onto my path.

Sometimes we need a reminder to drop the distractions and soldier onward. If we keep our inner vision in mind, it’s easier to persevere. At other times, the nudge can help us identify the parts of our vision that should be adjusted because we may have matured beyond a superficial ideological state of mind. A good vision is one that is flexible in that way.

During our soul searching, we feel a strong desire to focus on those things that will provide us the best long-term benefits. When we discover or rediscover our vision, we see the folly of looking for quick fixes, and superficiality. Our vision reflects who we truly are and not what social institutions expect of us. When we hold true to our inner nature, our vision provides the plan for ethical, sustainable action.

A vision helps us form long-term plans and to assess where to best invest our precious time and energy. We find out where we want to put our hearts and souls for maximum peace of mind and deeper rewards.

We might notice that our vision has been clouded or frustrated. Perhaps we have labored away with sincerity and plenty of effort but feel worried that the reward will never come. We are reminded that there are no guarantees in life. Keeping our vision in mind, we can do whatever we can and be thankful for what we have already accomplished.

Our vision can keep our fear of failure at bay. It can also help us learn from our setbacks and enable us to evaluate how to better create the most value from our efforts. This is where we sort out what isn’t working from what is. These are like the course corrections on a sea journey. They are normal and necessary in order for the ship to arrive at port.

If we have been keeping our vision in mind all along, we can see where our efforts are actually providing satisfying results. When we see this, we are inspired to continue working towards our highest goal. There will be a culmination of all our hard work.

What we need to remember is to keep our visions alive. Understand that dedication, determination, and hard work will help make those visions come alive.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this thought from author Henry Miller: “Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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