Happy Refreshments Day

I’m finally taking a short writing break of a couple of days to allow for a creative rest. After all, I’ve been posting blog entries, every single day since the summer of 2010. Most of them have been on WordPress since February 12, 2011. This break will not be a complete pause in activity. It will be just a few days featuring abbreviated puff pieces. There will still be words in this space each day.

To kick things off, refreshments are in order. First of all, isn’t refreshment an odd word? Aren’t we only fresh once? How can we actually be fresh again? I suppose the word is like relax–we can become lax again.

Saying that food and drink are refreshments seems rather quaint. It’s a word from an earlier era. I think of the refreshments stands at the drive-in movie theaters of yesteryear. Refreshments are the snack foods and coffee served in the fellowship halls of churches after services and funerals.

The history of refreshments regarding snack foods apparently goes back to the 1660s from the Old French word “refreschement”. I like the Modern French word “rafraîchissement”, too.

Refreshments are usually some sort of easily prepared food like sandwiches or a simple salad served as a snack or light meal along with a non-alcoholic drink. We often enjoy refreshments during workplace coffee breaks. I don’t need to say much more, because we all love to indulge in refreshments.

Today is the unofficial holiday, National Refreshments Day. This is the time of year in North America when refreshments are most welcome. We’re in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer when the days are long and the Sun is most noticeably hot. An ice-cold beverage and a light snack are what we really want after doing a task or taking refuge in the shade.

Happy Refreshments Day.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Will Rogers. “Old Hollywood is just like a desert water in Africa. Hang around long enough and every kind of animal in the world will drift in for refreshments.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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