More Compassion And Love

Have you ever considered the mercurial nature of compassion and love? Because I think there is a major lack of authentic compassion and love in the nation and the world at large, this problem is worthy of yet another blog post.

It’s no secret that there is a great reservoir of bitterness and hatred that trickles out each day. It seems like the floodgates will soon no longer be able to contain the excess. The storm continues to build and there’s no real relief in sight. There are distant cries from the wilderness calling for compassion and love that are in danger of being drowned out.

Certainly hate is not abated by more hate. Hatred is soothed away by compassion and love. We know this truth and we also understand that this simple truth is not easy.

We still have not fully learned an important lesson from the peace movements of the 1960s and the early 2000s. Peace, compassion, and love cannot be imposed by marching in the streets nor by slogans on placards. Although the intentions were true and good, the desire for compassion and love was not quite wholesome because it was cultivated in the minds of advocates.

Compassion and love had become political slogans of people rallying against hatred and war. By their very nature, political slogans are tools of divisiveness and fear. The peace marchers thought their cultivated compassion and love could defeat fear and war. This didn’t work because the compassion and love were consciously generated in order to overcome and defeat the prevailing ideologies and power structure. Although the peace marchers of the 1960s and the Occupy movement ostensibly held the high ground, the inauthenticity of their compassion and love was no match for the authentic fear generated by those in power.

Even today, compassion and love come off as  airy fairy concepts. Society at large sees them as memes that are posted on social media by idealistic advocates wearing rose colored glasses. The sparkly words on pastel backgrounds are soothing but powerless messages to those who are already convinced of the need for more compassion and love. Inspirational quotes that are superimposed on photographs of sunsets fail to reach the people who really need to feel these messages in their hearts.

What are we to do if compassion and love are to be more than political slogans and new agey Internet memes? Actual compassion and love cannot be generated by will or political motivation. Compassion and love are not the result of conscious effort. Compassion and love come about spontaneously within the person who is courageous enough to
be fully free.

Freedom can only be discovered by navigating across troubled waters. The journey is not powered by compulsion. It does not come about through a fear of punishment nor hope of reward. Freedom is not acquired by adopting a belief system, an authority figure, nor any technique. Real freedom is not obtained by persuasion from others nor oneself. Freedom is obtained by discovering the truth of it oneself.

You won’t find real freedom by reading words from me nor anyone else. The way to your freedom is found by navigating your own personal reservoir of patience and contemplation. Whether or not you decide to embark on this journey of honest self-discovery is entirely up to you. It’s likely to foster fearful thoughts yet eventually reveal profound freedom.

When you are truly free, compassion and love spontaneously emerge.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders a thought from physician and philosopher Albert Schweitzer. “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”

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