Tall Glass …Floral Friday

Tall colorful art glass is usually displayed without any floral adornment within the pieces. This is because it looks finished on its own. However, to me, a vase is meant to be used as a vase, so I often do use art glass vases for arrangements.

There is a practical side to this line of thinking. Beautiful, high quality art glass vases can be bought very inexpensively at thrift stores. In fact, they are often at the same price point as common recycled flower shop and supermarket vases. Why not use them for projects?

This week, I pulled three examples away from the window display, dusted them off, and designed floral arrangements for each of them. For example, a sleek, red, mid 20th century piece works nicely for some white blooms. I added additional height for artistic effect.

Usually, when people do use swung vases, they present a solitary bloom. This is because the openings at the tops are quite small. Instead of going the rose bud or Gerbera Daisy route, I went a different direction.

The exotic Italian optical vase inspired this variation on the typical, simple bird of paradise presentation. In this case, the addition of fill flowers plus the color and shape of the container added to the bird-like appearance of the finished project.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes a thought from the Chilean poet/diplomat Pablo Neruda. “I love all things, not only the grand, but the infinitely small: thimble, spurs, plates, flower vases….”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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