Being Creative

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not a shrinking violet nor a wallflower. Although he wore a powdered wig and the fussy clothing of his era, Mozart was not a conservative stuffed shirt. Much of his creativity came about from him having an outrageous personality. His sense of humor would still raise eyebrows today.

What Mozart did in the music world and society, was amazing to the public and frightening to his peers. As a result, his groundbreaking music has delighted and endured through the years. His name is even known by people who do not usually listen to classical music.

Mozart is only one of the many great creative figures of history. If you look into the biographies of people like Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Buckminster Fuller, or Nikola Tesla you’ll discover they were quite eccentric. The most creative people then and now did not have “normal” lifestyles. The thing to remember is that their eccentricity was genuine and not adopted. Their originality was a part of their authentic personalities.

We notice that these geniuses held no creative boundaries. They put their positive and negative experiences of life to paper, music, or into other inventions. Their intense lives live on in their creations.

At some point in their lives, creative people made a decision to live authentically. They knew to be prepared for disapproval. They braced themselves for ridicule, scorn, and sometimes official questioning. They understood that holding back is the killer of creativity.

The key attitude to creativity is the ability to be progressive. New music, art, architecture, literature, and thinking comes from people not doing what everyone else is doing. Sometimes what they do offends or shocks conservative society.

The biographies of landmark creative people show that their lives were “real”. The eccentricity was not a façade. They didn’t do what they did to merely get attention for the sake of getting attention. Such attention seeking only reveals mediocrity. People instinctively or eventually sense what is genuine or not. This aspect is proven when artists develop ego trips. When artists start believing in their own greatness, they kill creativity and their works become humdrum.

If you think you might have a creative spark inside, dare to be yourself. Go with the flow of your inner nature and accept life in all of its manifestations.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this reminder from the psychologist/philosopher Erich Fromm: “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

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