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The Rabbit On The Moon

Yesterday morning I decided to sit outdoors to enjoy my coffee and the outdoors at the same time. I noticed one of the young rabbits that visits the yard sometimes. The little creature appeared to be checking me out, too. … Continue reading

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Small Touches …Floral Friday

There are a lot of small flower pots and containers around my house, so perhaps I should use some more of them for quick and easy projects. That’s the idea behind today’s post. The little McCoy flower pot is perfect … Continue reading

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International Day Of Peace

One of the most disturbing, non-peaceful things about today, is that the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants are not aware that today is the International Day of Peace. At the very most, major news organizations may have a short … Continue reading

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Copy Your Photos

In a couple of days, we’ll have the second equinox of the year. Not only does that signal the change of seasons, but it is my reminder to archive photographs to save for posterity. I choose this time of year … Continue reading

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Some Personal Recollections About Classical Music

A couple of record albums were the seeds for my appreciation of classical music. The soundtrack for “2001: A Space Odyssey” (a movie I still enjoy) and “Switched On Bach” by Walter (Wendy) Carlos. As far as spine-chilling music goes, … Continue reading

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Ceiling Fans In My Life Or Not

The central air conditioning in dad’s empty old house does not work at all. The windows are few and inefficient in design. So while doing routine cleaning chores, I must resort to two ceiling fans to circulate the air. If … Continue reading

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Earl Nightingale was the first mass media voice of reason I ever heard regarding self-improvement. He offered concrete, non-woo tidbits of helpful information that anybody could understand and put to use. I was initially exposed to Nightingale the first time … Continue reading

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