Vase Fillers …Floral Friday

The idea of placing items inside of clear glass vases is a very old one and is a way to create an attractive decorative accent. There are the standard glass “marbles” that are usually pearlescent. Other items work well too, as the limits exist only in the imagination.

Today, I have three different glass containers that show three different approaches to the use of vase fillers. Maybe these fast and easy projects will inspire you to bring out a glass vase and put your imagination to work.

A craft store glass brick container provides the strength needed for a heavy duty project. I mixed up sand and stones as the foundation for a single cactus plant. The result is perfect for a minimalist style room.

Decorative glass from Poland is always a beautiful addition to the home. This substantial piece has been enhanced by the careful placement of potpourri inside. There is an added benefit of using a tall container instead of a bowl for potpourri. The aroma lasts longer.

An irregular polyhedral vase inspired a futuristic approach to vase filling. The standard glass marble fillers provide the mechanicals for poppy pods for a project that looks like it came from another world.

The Blue Jay of Happiness remembers an old Zen saying. “It is the emptiness of a vase that makes it useful.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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