Frustrated Desires

The daydream took place in Egypt. I had projected my mind back to New Years Eve 1999 and was in a sea of hundreds of thousands of people. The event was one I had wanted to attend but the realities of life kept me from going. The closest I ever came to being at the site of the Pyramids on that evening was a YouTube video of the entire concert. Some version of the daydream sometimes happens when I play any Jean-Michel Jarre compact disc.

The laser show projecting onto the Great Pyramid in my fantasy came to a crashing halt by some knocking. I turned down the volume of the stereo and opened the door. It was my friend Jorge.

After our usual greetings and back-slapping, we settled into chairs in the living room. Jorge commented that he knew the music on the speakers was by Jarre, but he didn’t recognize the album. I told him that the name of the disc is “en attendant Cousteau”. The album contained some of the very first “ambient” style music the artist had ever performed. The title translates to “Waiting for Cousteau” and was released on underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau’s 80th birthday in 1990. We were listening to track 4, the title piece.

I explained the daydream about the concert at Giza to my friend. Then he mentioned a missed opportunity that he often thinks about. A similar work conflict came up when Pink Floyd was touring with their dramatic “The Wall” concerts back in 1981. Jorge said he often daydreams about seeing the original members of his favorite band perform even though that is impossible.

Jorge leaned back and stared at the ceiling, then brought up the subject of super cars. Like many guys, our dream cars far exceed what we could ever spend on any vehicle.

I knew that Jorge was a fan of Lamborghinis but his choices usually varied from one model to another. What was his current car of choice?

Jorge said, “I cannot get this one out of my head. It would be great to have an ice blue Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce. The big obstacle is that one costs around half-a-million-dollars just to buy it. Then you have to add on the costs of upkeep, maintenance, and the other necessities. It’s foolish to dream about Lamborghini’s when I cannot afford one and would probably be disappointed by it in reality.”

My friend asked if I still had my heart set on a Ferrari F40. It was my turn to lean back in the chair and confess my guilty car desire. I’ve admired the styling of the F40 since the 1990s. In my opinion, no other Ferrari or other brand has built a more beautiful automobile.

I told Jorge, “Something terrible happened to the Ferrari F40 that I used to own.”

Jorge then bent over with laughter. “Since when did you ever own a Ferrari?”

I told him that the pretty red car was placed into storage. It then accidentally found its way to the auction block at dad’s estate sale. Jorge realized my F40 must be a scale model and not the real deal.

“Yes, it had a fully detailed steel body. The doors, engine hatch, and front trunk could be opened and the front wheels could be steered.”

Jorge asked if I’d ever priced a real one out of curiosity. I said I never have because they are so rare. I’d heard that they were in the ballpark of half-a-million-dollars or so. That’s all I needed to know.

My friend said that since he had actually gotten quotes for all the particulars about his dream car, that I should do the same. So, he hauled out his phone and began the search.

“Here’s an older F40 that’s actually for sale!” I waited for Jorge to read the details.

“It’s a 1990 basic coupe with a Ferrari red paint job. The seller is asking a mere $595,000. It’s also in all-original condition.”

My heart sunk, just thinking about such a car is an extreme act of futility. Hearing the actual price confirmed the truth of that judgment.

Jorge was curious about the cost of insurance. Neither of us had any knowledge about this complication. So, we searched for an insurance policy that would cover a 1990 F40. There were a lot of sites that required my personal information, phone number, email address, and street address. I didn’t want to bother an insurance agent to get a quote for a car I’d never own.

Eventually, we found a general interest article from a UK site that mentioned insuring Ferraris. The writer said to expect an annual premium of about £10,000. So at current exchange rates, I could expect to pay somewhere near $11,000 each year, just for insurance. At that rate, in a couple of years I could replace my Toyota with a new one.

Jorge shook his head. “It just goes to show that our desires are best kept as mental fantasies. We have to relegate them to the past.”

We both agreed that our present desires and dreams for world peace, solving the problem of poverty, and human equality are the ones we really want.

It’s OK to escape into daydreams of music concerts and beautiful automobiles. All people have fantasies of the improbable, that’s just normal. We can daydream and then get on with the business of living in the real world–however the world manifests.

Right now, I’m going to put “en attendant Cousteau” back in the player, and dream some more. Maybe I can just rent an F40 for the weekend… someday.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes astronaut Neil Armstrong. “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

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