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An Insidious Insincerity

One of my acquaintances is very deeply closeted about being gay.  No amount of logic or discussion with him will alter this. Of course, it’s futile to try to change anyone’s mind, especially if the view is so deeply personal. … Continue reading

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Unnerving Boot Prints

Early Thursday morning began in a typical way, two weeks ago. One of the friendlier neighborhood stray cats scratched at the back screen door to get my attention. It was time for his daily petting session. I grabbed a small … Continue reading

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Forgotten Things From The Archives

Last week’s post about the miscellaneous pictures from the loose photos drawer inspired me to go through an old cigar box I had set aside from dad’s belongings. I had been meaning to go through it earlier, but had gotten … Continue reading

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Thinking About Graphology

Approximately 40 years ago I was in the middle of my very first real existential crisis. All of my attachments to belief systems were being jettisoned. Nearly every single category of my California New Age conditioning was set out to … Continue reading

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When I see the word “cosmopolitan”, thoughts of modernity, cutting edge thinking, broad-minded compassion, and global inclusivity flood my mind. The look and sound of the word somehow seems contemporary and very smart. Of course cosmopolitan is a quite ancient … Continue reading

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Primitives …Floral Friday

It’s a small, crude bowl that appears to be a young child’s art project. Scratched into the bottom of the piece are the year 2016 and two initials. I felt a bit sad that somebody abandoned the little green art … Continue reading

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The Three L’s

At the Target store the other day, I saw an end-cap, close-out display of wall decor. There was an entire shelf filled with “Live Laugh Love” plaques. I smiled at the rack of merchandise because the main purpose for my … Continue reading

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