Dark Medium Light …Floral Friday

While waiting for the bread to pop up, I stared at the toaster’s adjustment knob marked “Dark Medium Light”. That’s where the idea for today’s theme came from. After breakfast, I gathered the containers and flowers to work with the concept.

The earthy, handcrafted four-inches tall vase compliments the purple blooms it holds. The dark tone of this combination pushes the envelope.

For the medium shade, we have a simple brass goblet featuring a selection of orange and yellow flowers.

The light end of the scale utilizes a small carved onyx vase. The pink tinged white blooms compliment to hints of light blue in the stone container.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders an idea from writer Charles Baudelaire. “Color…thinks by itself, independently of the object it clothes.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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