Renaissance Of The Heart

Doesn’t the state of the nation feel a bit “off” lately? (The nation could be any country, but I’m thinking specifically about the United States of America.) The feeling reminds me of when you feel slightly queasy in the gut and there’s a slight ache in the shoulders or forehead. It’s when it feels like a case of the stomach flu is coming on, but you’re not sick enough to go back to bed. You can go about your day, but the uneasy feeling remains in the background.

The feeling about the state of the nation regards the troublesome undercurrent of dishonesty and the fever of cruelty among a wide segment of the citizenry. If these symptoms are the signal of the beginning of a more serious illness, we need to pause and find a way to alleviate the spread of the virus.

In much the same manner that personal health is the most valuable asset we can have, the health of the nation is of utmost importance to the inhabitants, as a whole. This can be thought of in both the literal and the figurative senses.

When a person is suffering from even a slight illness, she becomes less effective in performing her tasks. Furthermore, her mental attention becomes more focused on the state of her health and unfocused regarding other matters. If the illness takes a more serious turn, she will need to go to bed to rest. This has happened to all of us.

Similarly, the state of a nation can become distracted by the diseases of discord and hatred. The nation becomes less effective as a social unit and the state of domestic unrest cripples the basic functions of the people and the government. This illness negatively affects the nation’s effectiveness in the international community. The need to rest and to heal is evident.

Whether a person is ill or a nation is ill, there is the need to utilize an atmosphere of positive, nurturing calm. The caregiver enables the patient to transcend anxiety, sadness, discomfort and even anger caused by the illness. The most effective caregiver shares compassion and love as important parts of the treatment.

What is sorely needed today, for individuals and the nation as a whole, is a Renaissance of the Heart. Positive attention and action can be taken as treatments for the people’s and the nation’s physical, psychological, sociocultural, and environmental troubles.

A Renaissance of the Heart is an attractive and beautiful thing because it cultivates and encourages unselfish love and helpfulness. In the presence of such a state of mind, anxiety, sadness, discomfort, and anger fade away to nothingness.

Certainly it cannot hurt to at least give a Renaissance of the Heart a trial period in order to judge its effectiveness. In my opinion, I think we should give it a go.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes to contemplate this thought from Thich Nhat Hanh: “Let us fill our hearts with our own compassion–towards ourselves and towards all living beings.”

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is really nice.

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