Wear That Pink Shirt Today

Thank goodness the anti-bullying movement is a major social phenomenon in many countries around the globe these days. It’s a good thing that anti-bullying organizations and ad-hoc groups are in place and active.

I mention this for two main reasons. The first is that on line bullying remains as a significant problem. The second is that several politicians and governmental officials are implementing pro-bullying official policy in America and many other countries.

Bullies have been around since the dawn of human beings. They lack positive social behavior, do not feel anxious or inhibited about their aggressiveness, and lack empathy and compassion. Bullies have a very glowing attitude about themselves. They have very difficult relationships with family and peers. According to pop psychology, they are “narcissists”.

Most of us recognize bullies for who they are. They create an atmosphere of tension and intimidation. The bully is the person people fear. The bully can strike out verbally or physically against anyone on a whim. The bully talks tough, slanders his or her victims and creates an environment of intimidation. The bully likes to create havoc and disunity. Bullies are only liked or at least respected by other people with bullying natures.

For the most part, bullies are crude, unlikeable people. They can be loners or attract similar people and form gangs. Most of us remember the school bullies we encountered in our youth. Of course, there are the menacing neighborhood bullying gangs. Some gangs attain greater power–think of Nazis, and supremacy groups. We might notice that the scariest bullies seem like narcissists and psychopaths. When bullies gain political and religious power, civilized society is placed at great risk. In positions of power, they can be Machiavellian.

Obnoxious people and bullies thrive on victims and scapegoats. They often zero in on people who lack assertiveness and exhibit submissive behavior. Many bullies enjoy picking on members of minority populations and traditional social scapegoats. Bullies stir up fear and hatred in our schools, our workplaces, our cities, our nations, and in our families. Generally speaking, folks do not like bullies, nor do people like victims either.

Do you know of anybody who tries to convince others that he or she is the greatest person in the world? Does that person manipulate and exploit people to get his or her way? Do you get the impression that he or she doesn’t truly care about the happiness and welfare of others? Does this person verbally intimidate or even physically abuse others?

Humans have had to deal with these negative, harmful people throughout the ages. Historically, people have formed alliances and coalitions to undermine the influence of bullies. There is power in numbers, and bullies are usually reluctant to challenge that type of power.

This brings to mind why so many of us will be wearing pink shirts today. Today is Pink Shirt Day. It is a display of the informal coalition that promotes positive resistance against bullying and celebrates positive social relationships and diversity.

Those of us who choose to wear our pink shirts want to help create a world where in which everyone, regardless of age, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, cultural/ethnic background, and ability are safe and respected.

So, why are pink shirts the symbol? Back in 2007, two Canadian high schoolers, David Shepherd and Travis Price spoke out against a homophobic bullying incident after a New Year’s party. One of their male classmates was hassled and threatened because he wore a pink shirt.

Shepherd and Price purchased pink shirts in bulk and gave them to their male classmates to wear in solidarity against the bullies. In successive years, the pink shirt message spread over the Internet. More and more students and adults donned their pink shirts in solidarity against bullying.

If positive and constructive criticism against bullying is a subject that appeals to you, fetch your pink shirt and wear it today.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes singer/songwriter Jason Mraz today. “When all of us are acknowledged as the human equals that we really are, there will be no space left for bullying. It will no longer be wrong to choose one thing over another.”

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