Ideas About Ideas

You’re in the midst of the dangerous task of driving your vehicle down the highway when a brilliant solution to a problem at work pops into your head. It’s such an amazing thing that you wonder why you’ve never thought of it before.

Have you ever felt that some of your ideas seem more “real” than the tangible world? They lodge inside the mind and don’t easily let go.

There are some ideas that far outlive the objects of historical lives. Through the sharing of thoughts, dreams, and legends, their ideas continue living. Have you ever given much thought to this phenomenon?

I sat inside the completed part of our town’s beautiful new library and contemplated the stark, ultra modern architectural lines of the building. Then my eyes fell upon the many shelves containing books about any subject a person could want to read about. The next minute I noticed the computers sitting on tables. It occurred to me that the library is “ground zero” for the manifestation of ideas in our town.

I go to the library for many reasons, but the most important is that I love to investigate culture, the different versions of truth, meeting people, and discovering ideas that are new to me. It’s easier to focus on any particular idea because you must go to a shelf and find a book about that idea. This focus is a primary difference between a standard library and the Internet. As we know, we can quickly become distracted on the Internet.

Last week I wanted to find out about to solve behavior problems of house cats. Soon I was lost in the Internet world of cat videos and pet training videos. Eventually, I realized that I had wasted nearly an hour watching amusing videos. Then I finally drove to the library and found a few books about cats to bring home.

It’s interesting that some of our best ideas come to mind while we are resting or taking a break from our work. Some great ideas have been hatched while the writer or inventor slept. Some of our own concepts reveal themselves during coffee breaks. Maybe that’s because a refreshed mind is more conducive to new approaches to problems. A clear head leads the way to new thinking.

One of our best ways to come up with ideas is through collaboration with other humans. It’s through brainstorming that we hatch ideas and share them with each other. Your idea is then analyzed and perhaps merged with one or two other ideas to become yet a greater, more practical idea. Even after that idea is instituted, it can be further refined through feedback and outside ideas. Even though this process hasn’t been called “brainstorming” until fairly recently, such group-thinking in various forms has been around since pre-historical times.

Have you ever had a nagging idea come to you in a dream that has remained with you for years and years? The idea can percolate through the mind, through and through, and continues to color the way you look at the Universe. The idea’s persistence can lead to diligent experiments of trial and error. You cannot avoid taking the time to think about the idea. There have been instances of such ideas taking a lifetime to develop. Even so, some ideas are not manifested by the original thinker, but have been taken up by others until they finally ripens.

What it boils down to is that our civilization is the combination of ideas that are mutually connected. These numerous ideas include some that were born in ancient times and some that came to light recently. We can count on the promise that ideas in the future will combine with those we already espouse. We will come up with more ideas about what the future may hold for us.

The Blue Jay of Happiness was triggered by a thought from Bob Dylan. “People today are still living off the table scraps of the sixties. They are still being passed around–the music and the ideas.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Ideas About Ideas

  1. Right on! Great insights :)) I think you will like the following — perhaps on an unseen level, we do what the trees do. And I’m sure, by now, we’re reaching the point of “legacy tree” :)) Dawn

    • swabby429 says:

      I’ve seen this theory somewhere else, too. It interests me because I have several dozen trees in my yard and in the riverbank behind the house. They’ve always seemed like a type of community.

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