Inspired By Igor …Floral Friday

Igor Stravinsky’s “Жар-птица” (The Firebird) was playing on the
stereo as I gathered materials and inspiration for this week’s
floral experiments. It’s a beautifully dramatic ballet score
that is a go-to piece of music I love.

As the hour progressed, so did the variety of styles that came
to life. The magical realm of “Kosche” expresses itself in the
first project of grasses in earthenware.

The potential of the magic egg hidden in a casket is represented
by the metal frame holding the green ceramic liner. The soul of
the firebird is in the gathering of small flowers.

The Firebird, herself, is the bird of paradise flower within the
tall morning glory vase.

The rest of the afternoon seemed enchanted, even after the
ballet score came to a close.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this confession from Igor Stravinsky: “A good composer does not imitate; he steals.”

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4 Responses to Inspired By Igor …Floral Friday

  1. Beautiful!!! Isn’t Life strange. My Dad and Uncle Lloyd played those famous Stravinsky Monday Night gigs here in LA, back in the 50s.

    As the story goes, the top studio players were let-off early to join the elite Monday Night sessions with the master. I’m not sure if I have a copy of the signed black and white pic of Dad and Lloyd sitting with Igor, going over sheet music, (my sister has it), but I have the one of Stravinsky standing at a podium, hand to his right ear, smiling, looking down through thick glasses, at what must be the musical charts. Wearing a white shirt, sleeves rolled up to 3/4 length, gray trousers. And with a white hand towel draped around his neck, as if to catch sweat. The inscription, scrolled over the top in old fashioned ink fountain pen, a bit difficult to read his lettering: “To Bill Ulyate — My good wishes during and best wishes after the storm — I Stravinsky — Easter 58”.

    And all this, here at Easter, 2018 — a 60 year time-capsule, which I would never have realized without your post!

    Also, In my baby book was a card my mom received, now missing, but I remember it, from Igor and his wife, when my mom was in hospital after my birth. That was 1953, so Dad must have been in sessions with him at that time, too :)) Dawn

    (Trying to upload an image of the photo — will send a link to it when I succeed)

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