Dandelions Are Blooming

A new book about paper flower crafting explained how to make paper dandelion blooms. I smiled at the possible scenario of somebody who lives in a suburban home with a perfect “Scotts” lawn spending a few hours to create some paper dandelions. I placed the book back onto the library shelf safe in the knowledge that plenty of the wild flowers waited for me at home.

The dandelions and other rough-looking plants are what my landlord describes as ground cover. Neither of us is motivated to do anything about them. I used to feel slightly self-conscious of having a yard full of the little yellow flowers. With the onset of the bee die-off crisis, more of my neighbors are allowing their dandelions to remain. Now, I wince no more at my yellow spotted tenant’s lawn.

Isn’t it odd that dandelions are still socially taboo? Many homeowners go to great expense and bother to decimate the little plants. Lots of folks are not satisfied to have mere ground cover surrounding their homes and office complexes. The retention or elimination of dandelions is a touchy subject for many suburbanites.

I’ve noticed a possible evolution of the dandelion plants take place over the years in my yard. They appear to adapt to the height of the lawnmower settings. When the mower is adjusted to “medium”, the blooms appear just above that height. When I mow the yard at the “low” setting, dandelion blooms grow to just slightly higher than that height. It’s an interesting observation to ponder whilst pushing the mower back and forth each week.

In grade school, a fellow pupil once called me a dandelion. I replied that my hair was too orange for a dandelion. Then she called me a marigold and had a laugh at my expense. Boys do not like to be called anything with the sound “mary” in it.

However, since then, I’ve reconsidered and think that being called a dandelion is an honor. Dandelions are hearty, persistent, and prolific. When looked at objectively, dandelions are handsome enough for everyday. So, how can being called a dandelion be an insult? Maybe they’re my “soul-flowers”. Aren’t dandelions just ubiquitous plants that should be loved like cultivated flowers?

Have you ever considered that you might be a social dandelion? Are you more than just another blade of Kentucky blue grass in the back yard of a ranch style house? Wear your inner dandelion proudly.

The Blue Jay of Happiness likes this line from Vladimir Nabokov: “Most of the dandelions had changed from suns into moons.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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