Some Sketchy Sketches

Somehow, a notebook full of pencil drawings of car designs has come up missing from my file cabinet. I wanted Jorge’s opinion on the original automotive styling and designs I had composed during my teens. A lot of work and creative energy had gone into them. In fact, at that stage in my life I had seriously considered a career in auto body design. Anyway, I don’t remember seeing the notebook ever since I filed it away many years ago.

The one remaining car drawing I have is a very rough quick sketch of my car with planned inexpensive style modifications. It was squirreled away in an old scrapbook of 1970s memorabilia.

The subject of pencil drawings and sketching came about after Jorge pulled out an old spiral “Académie Sketch Diary” from a book shelf. It is filled with amateurish drawings from 1991. That was the year I wanted to rediscover the joy of drawing.  The heavy weight paper has become discolored over the years, but the sketches remain intact.

I remembered an old high school art class drill about outlines. I tried it again with an old dining room chair as the subject. It’s an example of an exercise in concentration.

Three of these sketches depict friends who consented to pose for my experiments. Although none of the drawings will ever earn prizes for excellence, they do bring joy and fond memories of a special August.

Kurt lived in a four-plex apartment down the street. We became friends because of several shared interests, mainly in our life philosophy. During a muggy, summery afternoon, Kurt posed for this sketch. There are others of him, but this is my favorite.

My friend Akiro stayed with me a couple of days that summer when he was driving from his home in San Francisco in order to touch base with his old friends around North America. He is the only one of my friends who is still seriously into martial arts.

Felix is that one childhood friend who dares you to stretch your boundaries. He’s the one guy who loves to play the Devil’s advocate. Felix happened to be in town for a family event or a reunion.

There are a dozen or so blank pages left in the “Académie” book. The old box of pencils is still in a drawer somewhere. I wonder if I should revive the old interest or let it slide.

The Blue Jay of Happiness contemplates a statement from photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. “Photography is an immediate reaction; drawing is a meditation.”

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