Let It Go

The little things can be more annoying than the big things sometimes. Right now there is an odd buzzing sound that seems to be coming from the modem or the WiFi box. It’s mostly steady low frequency with occasional bursts of higher pitched whines. It reminds me of the old fashioned dial-up Internet “handshake” squeal, but at a much lower volume.

About an hour ago, a severe thunderstorm barreled through town with wind, heavy rain, and plenty of thunder. Although I was unhappy about being awakened early, I simply shrugged off the loud noises and got out of bed to begin the day ahead of the normal time.

Maybe the sounds are connected. Perhaps the modem was damaged during the electrical storm. Maybe it’s something else. Regardless of where it is coming from I need to let go of worrying about the source of the sound because it’s something out of my control.

The ability to simply let go of life’s worries and stuff that is out of ones control is a virtuous skill. A skill that is not very strong in me. (I’m still feeling annoyed by that infernal buzzing.) Our religions proclaim the benefits of letting go, as do self-help programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thankfully, holding grudges is not something I do. The problem I learned from dad, is to over-think decisions that need to be made. When push comes to shove and the time comes for the commitment, letting go of dithering becomes easy. Something inside the brain just says, “let go and get on with it.” Perhaps this is why I’m a deadline kind of guy. If the problem does not have a clear end-time, I tend to procrastinate and over-think about alternate outcomes.

It’s like the old George Harrison song chorus says:
“All things must pass
All things must pass away”
It’s helpful to remember this eternal truth when nagging worries come to mind.

Nearly everyone has had to let go of loved ones and has had trouble doing so. Is it possible to completely let go of them? Maybe the images of them get permanently stashed into long-term memory.

To let go is not necessarily surrender, it’s more like acceptance. It’s the attitude I had this morning about the severe thunderstorm. Because it was the result of a very strong atmospheric disturbance, there was no solution to get rid of it. The atmosphere is a big thing. In comparison, I’m a tiny organism trying to stay alive in the midst of it all. Oddly enough, the immensity of the storm made it easy to accept.

Meantime, the electronic buzzing noises come from a small device that might be in the process of dying. I hope it holds on until business hours on Monday, when it can be taken care of by the Internet provider. If the buzzing gets bad enough, I can simply unplug the device.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes filmmaker Mike White. “There’s a victory in letting go of your expectations.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Let It Go

  1. It seems that the weather there is identical to what we had here this week …. but here today outside is already a clean day which makes me feel better!

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