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Let It Go

The little things can be more annoying than the big things sometimes. Right now there is an odd buzzing sound that seems to be coming from the modem or the WiFi box. It’s mostly steady low frequency with occasional bursts … Continue reading

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Modern Glass …Floral Friday

The simplicity of clean shapes and elemental colors can provide a mental place for the mind to play. Three glass containers demonstrate what that meant to me this week. An amber, contemporary vase of thick, flawless glass was exactly that … Continue reading

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This morning, a glance at the calendar verified that today is the First Day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s also when a verse from George Gershwin’s “Summertime” started repeating in my head. “Summertime, And the livin’ is easy … Continue reading

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My Summer Of 1965

Southeastern Nebraska has very humid summers. Granted, they’re probably not as muggy as those in the Deep South or in the tropics, but summers in Lincoln can feel stultifying to some folks. When we kids became overheated from riding bikes, … Continue reading

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Narcissist Or Egotist?

There is a virtual flood of articles and videos about narcissists on the Web these days. We might even say that victims of narcissists could be a major subculture in the world. Personal observation is my basis for this opinion. … Continue reading

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Splurging (OpEd)

A few weeks ago American televangelist Jesse Duplantis claimed that Jesus Christ set up a “gofundme” account in order to buy Duplantis a $54,000,000 private jet airplane. The claim is outrageous enough on its surface, but this would be the … Continue reading

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The Garbage Man

The garbage collecting business is rife with euphemisms. The corporate name of the company that takes my household garbage away on Fridays is “Prime Sanitation Service”. If you didn’t know that their only business is the hauling away of the … Continue reading

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