I love cold weather. I remind friends and acquaintances of this fact whether or not we’re going through a Summer heat wave or a Winter cold snap. I found another person who feels the same. He’s one of the clerks at the neighborhood Hy-Vee supermarket. I discovered this fact while he reloaded the receipt printer with a new roll of paper–a perfect time for weather related small-talk. The conversation was natural because the outdoor temperature was 97° Fahrenheit and the relative humidity felt like it came from the Amazon rain forest.

One of the announcers at an Omaha radio station mentioned record cold temperatures during his weather report update about the current seasonal Nebraska heat. He stated that the lowest recorded temperature in Nebraska was minus 47° Fahrenheit (-43.8°C) on December 22, 1989 in the tiny town of Oshkosh. He went on to mention that the lowest temperature directly measured by humans since weather data has been collected was minus 128.6° Fahrenheit or minus 89.2° Celsius. This took place on July 21, 1983 at the Soviet Union’s Vostok Base in Antarctica.

Of course, I had to verify this information on-line. Wikipedia verified these figures with probable exceptions. On August 10, 2010 in East Antarctica, satellite analysis showed a possible temperature of minus 135.8° Fahrenheit or 93.2° Celsius. This was never visually confirmed by a ground measurement. So today is the anniversary of the 1983 event as experienced by humans in the modern era.

The clerk at the supermarket said he likes cold weather for various reasons including wintertime ice-fishing, and that he is able to get more work done at home when the temperatures are nippy. Even though I do not go ice-fishing, the work aspect is true for me, too. Hot, muggy weather makes me feel sluggish and tired.

Although it’s a muggy Nebraska weekend, I plan on sharing large portions of home made iced coffee with friends this afternoon. I combine strong brewed coffee with Eagle Brand or store brand sweetened condensed milk. (Not Nestle’s, because I don’t buy anything from them.) I pour the coffee mixture into large mugs, allow it to cool awhile, add plenty of ice cubes, and serve.

I used to share home-made ice cream, but most of my friends and I are cutting back for health reasons. So I sold my ice cream freezer on the Facebook buy and sell page for our city last year. If we get in the mood, there’s always the supermarket or we can order it for desert at the local eatery.

The supermarket sells dry ice from a special containment at the frozen foods section of the store. On particularly hot days, I sometimes think about buying some. I haven’t brought any home yet.

Have you ever wondered about those stores that have Christmas in July sales? One of our downtown gift shops used to go all out with decorated, lighted trees, Santas, and sparkely decorations. They kept these things displayed all month long. Some people take advantage of Christmas in July to buy gifts early to give away during the December holidays.

Thoughts about brisk January days are comforting while I slog through the heat and humidity mowing the yard in July and August. However the dripping sweat always brings me back to the reality of the present season.

The Blue Jay of Happiness wistfully ponders something from fashion stylist Brad Goreski. “Scarves, mittens, and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather.”

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