Ikebana Inspired …Floral Friday

I have been asked, “Why Ikebana?”

There are many reasons it fascinates me. First and foremost is that it integrates with my spiritual practice. Just as each mindful moment of each day presents a lesson, so does each act of creating a floral arrangement–Ikebana in particular.

In short, Ikebana quiets my monkey mind.

Today’s examples are Ikebana inspired because they were not created strictly by the rules of any school of Ikebana. These particular projects are personal interpretations very loosely based on two ideals.

The first one is a small take on standing flowers or Rikka. I borrowed the “Y-shape” format for this interpretation in a chartreuse colored container.

The second arrangement is a modified form of Nageire or tall, free-form, yet formal style in a vertical vase.

The third one is another miniature Rikka-like project. The vintage Utsuwa rice bowl inspired a more traditional approach.

The Blue Jay of Happiness shares another reason to enjoy Ikebana. Through creating and sharing arrangements deep communication is possible regardless of same or different spoken languages.

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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