Some Serendipity

One of the best parts of life is surprise. We do not know exactly what lies ahead of us each day, so serendipity can be a regular part of our lives. Certainly, unpleasant stuff happens often enough, but very pleasant surprises pop up seemingly out of nowhere, too.

Those of us who prefer to think or act outside of the box have active imaginations and experience pleasant surprise at what life brings our way. The most popular form of serendipity these days springs from the minds of people who bring us “life hacks” on the Internet.

Just yesterday, I found one that I’ll begin using regularly. Someone suggested using one of the pillowcases from a bed sheet set to contain the rest of the sheets. You just fold up the two sheets and one of the pillowcases into the right size, then slide them inside the remaining pillowcase. The set remains intact and neat. It’s much easier to store.

Somebody has discovered that if you arrange leftovers in a donut shape by spacing out an empty circle in the middle that the microwave will heat the food more evenly.

A week ago, while skimming over the racks at the Goodwill Store, I noticed a chartreuse plastic bowl. It was injection molded into a bi-level shape. I examined it and thought that it was some sort of flower planter or arranger.

My friend, the store manager, noticed my interest. She said the peculiar bowl had puzzled her, too, so she had done a Google image search. She learned that the bowl is for cold cereal. The cereal goes in the top compartment and the milk in the bottom compartment. When eating, you just push each spoonful of cereal into the milk compartment. Then you can enjoy crispier cereal with each spoonful.

Of course, I had to bring the bowl home. My Wheat Chex eating experiences have been brought up to a new level. However, I still want to use the bowl to create a floral arrangement someday.

For many of us, life itself is a string of serendipitous events. Despite the best laid plans, life unfolds in unplanned ways. You carry on your regular weekly routine of running errands, then, by chance, you meet a mew friend who enhances your life. You browse the Internet and discover an article with advice that can change your life for the better.

When it comes to a life well-lived, a lot of it comes down to luck and recognizing opportunity that has landed right in front of us. Much of life is serendipity and it improves if we harness surprise.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Nobel Prize Laureate chemist Akira Suzuki. “The concept of serendipity often crops up in research. Serendipity is the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things that were not being sought. I believe that all researchers can be serendipitous.”

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