For World Photography Day

There is a tie-in between yesterday’s topic of serendipity and today’s topic of photography. It is that a couple of weeks ago I was driving on the street near our town’s pawn and railroad salvage shop. On a whim, I stopped in to look for a new mattress.

They didn’t have a suitable mattress set, so I walked over to the pawn shop area of the store. There, I discovered the only new camera, with hang tags. It had been pawned by its owner but was not  reclaimed. It was similar to a camera that I have been considering for about a month. I bought the pawn shop camera on impulse because the price was cheap and the warranty is still in effect.

The following photos were shot with the Sony DSC H-300. They were taken by utilizing only the very basic features and settings of the camera. These are my contributions for today’s salute to World Photography Day.

After installing the batteries, I brought the camera outdoors to take a few test shots. One of my favorite subjects is the sky, so I pointed the camera up and clicked away.

These days, I am most curious about close-up or macro photography. What kind of performance can be expected?  For this shot, the camera lens was about twelve inches away from the 1939 aluminum commemorative souvenir coin. The camera could only zoom about a third of the way before going blurry. This photo was shot with that parameter, then I cropped the frame later on my laptop.

My old trusty, abused Citizen watch has earned the glamor treatment. Under improvised bounced lighting from an LED flashlight the results were much better than expected. Even the chips and scratches on the crystal are visible.

The pièce de résistance of the close-up shoot is the Chinese book mark that was taken with the same improvised lighting technique as used for the wristwatch. The colors and textures of this object are totally accurate.

The newly completed portion of the riverside walking/bicycling path passes beneath the brand new downtown bridge. I admire the artistic architectural style of the structure so I photograph it often.

Yesterday, the tripod mounted camera captured this view of the downtown bridge from the perspective of my front yard. The lens was zoomed out about one-quarter from maximum. There is some haze due to the noon-hour direct sunlight, so it appears that there is little if any UV filtering on the camera lens.

Here is that same bridge view taken last night. This image is cropped to eliminate some of the blank black space.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Ansel Adams. “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas.”

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