Fun With Closeups

A couple of weeks ago, Northeast Nebraskans celebrated Labor Day weekend under overcast, rainy conditions. This largely put the kibosh on fun, outdoor activities. I leaned back in the easy chair in the living room after grabbing my camera to study it.

The earlier plans to photograph wild flowers along the river bank seemed unappealing in light of the rain shower and gloomy sky. Then, I decided to take some pictures of things in my home environment. The icky day turned into a good day to play around with close-up photography. Why not hone some skills and have some fun?

The first idea was to create a simple still-life that would resemble product placement in print advertising. I poured the chilled water from a box into an old fashions tumbler and waited for condensation to form. I shot several frames with the two props positioned differently. I like the one with the empty product box laying on its side best.

I noticed a tiny bottle of concentrated essential oil and dreamed up a product placement still-life for it, too. I put the bottle on a reflective surface near a window and brought in a small lamp for fill-lighting. A few seashells from the bathroom potpourri dish were a last-minute brainstormed idea. Out of several shots taken from different angles and lighting effects, this one looked the most “commercial” of them all.

After shooting the bottle of Ylang Ylang, a solid glass paperweight caught my eye because of the way it caught the light from the small lamp. I put the bottle of essential oil and the seashells away and snapped a few frames with the paperweight.

For the next project, I assembled three random objects into a balanced arrangement on my bed. Then I noticed their names all began with the letters “c” and “a”. The name of this still life is “Casio, cat with cassette”.

While in the bedroom, I spotted an old arrangement made up of miniature artificial flowers. In fact, they are my favorite tiny fake blooms. I took an extreme close-up shot of a red fabric flower.

The next idea was to create an artistically color-themed still-life. I love mustard yellow objects. I placed a rubberized placemat as background for my 1/24th scale steel VW Beetle model car. In my opinion, this is the best picture from that day’s shooting.

As long as I was taking pictures of miniature cars, it seemed appropriate to indulge nostalgia and the memory of my late brother. His favorite car model was this 1/24th scale rendition of a 1957 Chevrolet convertible. This was a perfect way to cap an afternoon of close-up photography.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author Chuck Palahniuk. “The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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4 Responses to Fun With Closeups

  1. Really cool shots. What filter did you use for the editing?

    • swabby429 says:

      I only have the standard viewing/editing package that came with an old Olympus point and shoot camera. OLYMPUS CAMEDIA Master 4.2/Pro 4.2 (For Windows) November 30, 2003

  2. That is quite retro and awesome.

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