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The Checklist

I turned sixty-six last month. Around the time of that event and afterwards, I’ve been experiencing some sort of wake-up calls about mortality. I’ve always known intellectually that life on this planet is impermanent. I’ve also done countless meditations on mortality … Continue reading

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Equinox Takes Place Tonight

The Two Equinoxes of each year are reminders of our precarious place in the Universe. More than the two solstices, Equinoxes remind us of balance. The word, equinox, has its roots in the ancient Latin word “aequus” for “equal”. In … Continue reading

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Beer …Floral Friday

I found out that the Great American Beer Festival began yesterday in Denver, so that was the inspiration for today’s theme. The event focuses on home brewing of the beverage. I’m not a home brewer, but once in awhile, I … Continue reading

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Me As Writer And Editor

Writers and editors can have love-hate relationships with each other. This is most true in the beginning stages of a writer’s career. The relationship happens whether the manuscript is literary or media related. I have not written a book yet, … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Pizza

The video featured the world’s largest most deliverable pizza.  The infomercial “documentary” touted a gigantic pizza pie that is 54 inches square. In order to completely bake it, they have to rotate it in the oven halfway through the baking … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

Now that we’ve nearly gotten through the Nebraska summer, it seems like we can finally relax our worries about severe weather events until the blizzard season arrives. Then I remember that an EF-4 wedge tornado tore through Wayne County on … Continue reading

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Fun With Closeups

A couple of weeks ago, Northeast Nebraskans celebrated Labor Day weekend under overcast, rainy conditions. This largely put the kibosh on fun, outdoor activities. I leaned back in the easy chair in the living room after grabbing my camera to … Continue reading

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