Picture Postcards

So far, I haven’t received one single picture postcard this year. I do get regular postcards though. Three times each year, a reminder from the dentist arrives as a check-up reminder. Frequently, hearing aid seller mass-mailer postcards appear with free hearing exam offers. Every month the garbage hauler’s bill comes in the form of a postcard.

Chief Iron Tail & Buffalo Bill

It’s the vacation destination postcards that I miss seeing. Getting one of those meant the sender took the time during her or his vacation trip to think of you. They remembered your home address in some manner. Perhaps the postcard theme was chosen to coincide with your interests.

Sioux Indians at Ogallala, Nebraska

Of course, it’s fun to get photo attachments to an email, or see selfies taken at the vacation spot on social media. The fact remains that Internet distributed vacation photos don’t arrive in the actual mailbox outside the front door.

This turn of events is not the fault of the sender. It’s a sign of changing times and the onward march of communications technology.

Wall Drug Store at Wall, South Dakota 

I have a couple of large, manila envelopes where I keep special personal letters, birthday cards, and picture postcards. On International Postcard Week, I look through the postcards and read the short messages on the reverse sides.

I also have a collection of vintage postcards that are fun to study and enjoy. Those that appear in today’s blog post are part of that collection. Many are several decades old.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the former chairman of Estée Lauder, Leonard Lauder. “I love that works of art are printed so that anyone can buy them. The variety of what they put on little postcards astounds me.”

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