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Vintage Re-imagined …Floral Friday

While going over some vintage pottery with the feather duster earlier this week, the idea to use a few of the items came to mind. I chose three pieces I don’t recall ever using for Floral Friday. A Mozart concerto … Continue reading

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A Most Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Dad said to just bring my appetite after I offered to bring a side dish and a dessert to his house in Wayne, Nebraska for the Thanksgiving dinner of 2013. He wanted to take my sister and me to a … Continue reading

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Just as I sat down to write today’s post about World Hello Day, the hook of the Beatle’s song “Hello Goodbye” started playing in my mental jukebox. The tune is absolutely catchy. You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, … Continue reading

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We Are Caged Animals

Whenever groups of kids from the area schools took a field trip to visit our radio station and were in the building while I was on the air, I felt like an animal in a zoo. The station is configured … Continue reading

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Guys from my generation grew up with some mighty tough movie star male role models. Think of Lee Marvin who played rough and tumble characters on the screen. In real life, Marvin had been a sniper in the U.S. Marine … Continue reading

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Limitless Thinking

One of the attributes about my millennial friend Jonathan is his open-mindedness. Much of his quality might be due to his age being much closer to the teens than mine is. The nature of teens and some 20-somethings is they … Continue reading

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The Beauty Inside

“Your life can be so beautiful but nobody can ever fully share it with you.”–anonymous person overheard in a queue The statement was spoken into a phone by a middle-aged man a few people ahead of me while standing in … Continue reading

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