Crows seem to display considerable amounts of care for each other. Some bird studies have observed the birds show a great deal of care for others of their species. In mating, they are monogamous, there is long-term parent-offspring bonding, they communicate to the group about feeding opportunities and danger. There is some sort of solidarity among crows.

I had some extra time yesterday, so I decided to watch a  documentary about crows on YouTube titled “A Murder of Crows”. Crows fascinate me nearly as much as blue jays because both species are highly intelligent corvids. That the documentary showed crows experience such a high degree of solidarity was enlightening.

Solidarity in the human sense is one of those concepts that enable much good and progress in society yet can easily devolve into requirements for groupthink. That is, if unguarded, the thoughts driving progress can solidify, becoming backwards and dogmatic. In other words, when solidarity becomes too rigid, individuals expressing nuances are shunned.

When thinking of this concept, the 1980’s Solidarity Movement in Poland comes to mind. The most famous spokesman for that mass movement was Lech Walesa. His visibility helped unite Poland’s intelligentsia, peasants, and workers into a popular trade union driven political force against communism. Walesa drew upon the universal human desire to live in dignity, harmony, and truth with a free conscience.

Unlike communism, which began as a type of solidarity movement, Poland’s Solidarity Movement’s did not devolve into a rigid, doctrinaire, one party tyranny. Solidarity faded away as several new political parties emerged during the next decade.

Solidarity oftentimes appears in groups of oppressed people. It arises out of necessity and the instinct to survive. Examples include the civil rights movements for blacks, native Americans, immigrants, women, and LGBT people. To survive is perhaps our strongest instinct. Working together to enable survival is a great social force. In addition to survival, solidarity harnesses the desire to thrive.

A type of solidarity movement powered the revolution of the 13 North American British Colonies to become independent from the British Empire. Without solidarity, the budding revolution would have withered away at the first sign of the British military’s policing action.

These days, the world has several solidarity movements. They include new offshoots of human rights, minority rights, ethnic rights, promoting education, health, eradication of corruption, terrorism, and poverty, plus groups working towards preservation of the planet’s environment. The best of these solidarity movements are based in core values of tolerance and equality to help us live more harmoniously with each other and the Earth.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes actress Anna Kendrick. “While I wouldn’t wish being teased on anyone, I think it eventually leads to a kind of solidarity in adult life. The few people I know who weren’t picked on in school are people I find I can’t relate to on much more than a surface level. There’s a sensitivity that comes with feeling like an outsider at some point in your life.”

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