Pie Not Pi Day

The calendar numbers for today are not interpreted as visual equivalents of the mathematical formula for π because today is not March 14th. Not only that, but it’s too early to select a recipe for the pie to be served on π day. There is cause for gastronomic celebration though. Today is Pie Day.

Even though I’ve had to drastically cut back on desserts lately, I still appreciate them. Due to the fact that I must be more selective about dessert, I choose to eat a small slice of pie instead of a small piece of cake. Although cake is tasty, I get more bang for the buck with pie. Cake is loaded with sugar. Sugar leaves a nasty aftertaste, triggers hunger, and messes with my blood glucose levels. Pie, being more substantial, seems like the slightly healthier option compared to cake.

“Never say ‘no’ to pie. No matter what, wherever you are, diet-wise or whatever, you know what? You can always have a small piece of pie, and I like pie. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like pie. If somebody doesn’t like pie, I don’t trust them. I’ll bet you Vladimir Putin doesn’t like pie.”–TV weatherman Al Roker

When it comes to selecting the particular pie that pleases me most, it’s difficult to choose. Apple and cherry pies are all-American favorites. I once lived with a man who could bake perfect lemon meringue and key lime pies. He wasn’t too shabby about other creme pies, as well. One year he baked a luxurious chocolate creme pie for my birthday. I’ll never forget that personal treat. In my opinion, every person should have a birthday pie in lieu of a birthday cake at least once in her or his life.

Pies are not limited to dessert dishes. Savory pies are great as a meal’s main course. Pot pies come to mind for their deliciousness. I remember a late afternoon meal after visiting Windsor Castle in Berkshire County England. I ordered a vegetarian shepherd’s pie. I don’t know if it’s standard English fare or if the vegetarian version is just a variant food tailored to contemporary tastes.

Traditional English food may not matter as much these days anyway due to the proliferation of American fast food stores there. Thinking about American chain restaurants reminds me about Pizza Hut. They built their success around pizza pies. Their restaurants are in many countries around the world. Wouldn’t it be ironic to eat pizza at a Pizza Hut in Italy?

One of the most innocuous sayings of the 1980s was, “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche.” It was the title of a book written by Bruce Feirstein that satirizes stereotypical masculinity. The savory open-top flan was a popular food during the Disco dance music era. After the book became a best-seller, consumption of quiche sharply declined. This is sad because a lot of men actually enjoyed quiche. On the other hand, there were a few courageous outliers who continued to eat the tasty savory pies. So actually, we could say that the “real” men were those who ate quiche.

Thinking about various types of pie has caused me to feel some nostalgia about mom’s rhubarb pie. This was not strawberry-rhubarb pie. It was straight-on rhubarb. There was a rhubarb patch in the backyard of one of my childhood homes. She used it for the special pies. Naturally, she made her crust from scratch. I’m glad the nostalgia is not for strawberry-rhubarb because I’m allergic to strawberries. A slice of rhubarb pie would be wonderful to eat right now.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Carl Sagan. “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the Universe.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to Pie Not Pi Day

  1. Doug says:

    My Mom used to make a very tasty rhubarb crisp.
    Instead of pie, how about some cheese cake. I love cheese cake with blueberry topping!

    • swabby429 says:

      My mom did too as an alternative. She also made “apple pan doughty” which is another name for apple crisp. Cheese cake sounds good, but I’ll save that for Cheese Cake Day–July 30th.

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