Lions On My Mind

I don’t put much stock in conventional pop-analysis of dreams, but I still have a couple of nagging questions about dreams. Why do we really have dreams? Do they actually mean anything?

The main dream in question happened around 1:00 yesterday morning. I know the time because after awakening from the dream I glanced at the alarm clock then grabbed a small notepad and pen. After scribbling the outline of the dream’s story, I drifted back to sleep.

I cannot recall ever having a dream about lions. This seems peculiar to me because lions are fascinating creatures. Also, my astrological sun sign is Leo the Lion. Friends used to give lion-themed gifts to me as birthday and Christmas presents. I have a large plaster of Paris lion on a shelf. I used to own a polyester blanket with a large brown lion printed on it. The blanket used to hang on a wall in the bedroom.

The dream appeared as sort of a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion. Upon awakening from it, there was no feeling of dissatisfaction nor feelings of being cheated out of an ending to a story.

The dream began with the faces of three lions roaring in the manner of the MGM Movies logo lion. The differences being that there were three lions and the visual was tightly cropped as a close-up portrait, not a far away view. The roar of the lions was identical to that of the MGM lion.

The main body of the dream consisted of me searching for a little boy who was missing in the middle of a large city zoo. It was one of those modern zoos that display the animals in settings that resemble their native habitats. I saw the little blonde-haired boy in the lions area of the zoo. He was sitting nonchalantly on a cliff inside the zoo enclosure. A large tan-colored lion paced back and forth at the base of the cliff. The animal looked frustrated by not being able to climb the large rock.

Next, I found myself standing with the boy on the cliff comforting him even though he still seemed unafraid of the situation. I don’t know how I arrived at the top of the cliff. Dream consciousness often has gaps and details are unimportant. The boy and I searched the zoo enclosure in hopes of finding an escape route.

The boy and I realized we were being observed by another lion. This second lion was directly behind us but he was nonthreatening. He was almost dog-like in his behavior. The second lion gestured for us to follow him to safety. I know it was safe because in dreams, we seem to be clairvoyant.

The second lion distracts the first lion by tossing out a large morsel of food. With the first lion out of the way, the second lion leads the boy and me into a hidden passageway that takes us to a rural, pastoral environment. The dream concludes as the little boy and I pet and hug the second lion.

After getting up later yesterday morning, I examined the notepad that contained the dream outline and was satisfied that it was complete and coherent. Then I went about my usual morning tasks.

Around 8:00 am I decided to have a short nap. I had two brief, vivid dreams. The first one starred another lion licking a paw in the manner that domestic cats lick their forepaws to clean themselves. I woke up from that dream then went back to sleep. The next dream starred two lions frolicking like friends. There was no point to the dream except that the two lions seemed happy.

From time to time, yesterday, I pondered the three dreams and wondered what they might mean. None of the lions in any of the dreams were horrifying nor especially threatening. There was only one tame lion–the second lion in the first dream.

Why did lions finally appear in my dreams? Why were they so numerous and memorable? The dream scenarios differed yet appeared very realistic and vivid. Were these lions trying to “tell” me something or did they show up merely for mental amusement?

All of the lions were very handsome. They looked strong and assertive. They all looked like they were forces to reckon with. The friendly second lion is the anomaly. Why was he so dog-like? Why did he help the little boy and me escape the lion’s den? Why was the theme of rescue so prominent in the first, feature-length dream. Why were the lions in the other two dreams just doing things that lions normally do in their natural settings? Why do I think these mental lions are important enough to write about one day after dreaming about them?

It just seems like a good idea to share these dreams with the kind readers of this blog today.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes spiritual philosopher/writer Vernon Howard. “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”

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2 Responses to Lions On My Mind

  1. Doug says:

    Did you have a meeting with “Mary Jane” before bedtime? Sounds like something “she” might invoke. 🙂

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