It’s Floral Design Day

The act of arranging flowers for display or floral design is an ages old art form that crosses cultural boundaries. Archaeologists have even found evidence that ancient Egyptians offered arrangements of flowers to the gods. Then, as now, design traditions evolved over time.

Today is National Floral Design Day. The commemoration has been established to celebrate Carl Rittner’s birthday. Rittner was a father of contemporary floral design. Over a half-century ago, he founded the Rittner’s School of Floral Design in Boston, Massachusetts.

Today is special to me, because one of my hobbies is flower arranging. As a salute to Floral Design Day, we have a bonus day of my floral arrangements for today’s post. These photos are examples of arrangements I’ve created in the recent past.

This past January, one of the Floral Fridays featured arrangements in bowls. This bowl from Sweden contains an array of ranunculuses.

A salute to woods and papers manifested as an exotic paper lotus solitaire in a turned walnut vase. The display base is a lap desk I made in high school shop class as a sophomore student.

Pink roses adorn a vintage black urn-vase and an antique “Gone With The Wind” style kerosene lamp.

The two small Chinese vases are encased in woven bamboo grass. They contain similar trios of miniature orange roses.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes haiku master Matsuo Bashō. “The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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2 Responses to It’s Floral Design Day

  1. Doug says:

    I really like the ranunculuses. So pretty

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