The Plumbing

As I filled the container with water for coffee from the kitchen sink faucet, I heard a soft tap, tap, tap. I turned off the faucet and the tapping went away. I turned the water back on and the tapping returned. The sound of a plumbing leak was not how I wanted to begin the day.

Fortunately, I have the skills needed to replace a kitchen faucet. Unfortunately, my back was badly aching, so I was in no shape to work while on my back inside of the kitchen cabinet screwing around with the plumbing. So, I waited until a reasonable hour then called the landlord to request the repair. He said that he would call his favorite plumber to take care of it.

Naturally, solving problems isn’t always that simple and carefree. After waiting and calling the plumbing company several times throughout a week, the plumber was a no-show.

At the end of the week, a plumber from another company was called. He replaced the decrepit faucet with a brand-new shiny one. The plumber also fixed another minor problem in the bathroom with the bathtub faucet. All of this was done in less than two-hours.

It’s eye-opening when one of the simple basic things in a home malfunctions how much we realize our dependency on it. In this case, the kitchen sink became much less useful because the water faucet became worn out. In this case, I needed to get household water from the bathroom sink’s faucet for a week. So, I learned how to do basic chores like dish washing by carrying water from the bathroom to the kitchen sink.

Even though I was inconvenienced, I remembered how fortunate I am to have running water available in the house. There is somewhere around 12-percent of the human population on Earth who do not have access to running water. Approximately the same share of the population still relies upon contaminated surface water for their daily needs. More than ten-percent of the Earth’s people eat food that was irrigated by waste water. Over 2,300,000,000 people do not have access to basic toilets. These are very serious problems.

Basic plumbing and clean, potable water are essential for good hygiene and better health. Without access to basic plumbing and water, some 315,000 children die each year due to poor sanitation.

As the plumber began packing up his toolbox, getting ready to leave, I thanked him for his prompt, skillful work. The plumber replied that the repairs in my house were the highlight of his day. All the other jobs had to do with unclogging drain pipes and sewage. Working with water supply piping is his favorite job.

Now that the kitchen sink is fully usable, it won’t be long until I take convenient, fresh water for granted again. For that, I’m thankful.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes sociologist S. Jay Olshansky. “We have grown accustomed to the wonders of clean water, indoor plumbing, laser surgery, genetic engineering, artificial joints, replacement body parts, and the much longer lives that accompany them. Yet we should remember that the vast majority of humans ever born died before the age of 10 from an infectious disease.”

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