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Peanuts Aplenty

Our local Shopko “big box” discount store ¬†along with several others in Nebraska are closing permanently . The chain has been struggling to stay afloat due to competition from places like Walmart and Amazon dot com. I hate to see … Continue reading

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One of the minor quirks that sticks in the craw of my childhood memories is how dad’s friend Edward said “OK”. That is, I never heard him say, “OK”. With him it was always “okey-dokey” or “okey-doke”. I never asked … Continue reading

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Simple Stoneware …Floral Friday

There’s a certain quality about good stoneware pottery that appeals to our instinctive connection to primal elements. Much stoneware pottery retains a rugged earthiness. Other forms of pottery are more refined in beauty. I like stoneware on those days that … Continue reading

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Fragile Memories

After opening some of the files on a fairly new thumbdrive yesterday, I discovered that a great number of my favorite photos were corrupted and irretrievable. There were several more photos that could be seen, but had large portions of … Continue reading

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Equinoxes 2019

While waiting for a traffic signal to switch to green yesterday, I glanced at the SUV immediately ahead of my car. The word “Equinox” was on the endgate. I thought to myself, “Now there’s a little truck that’s relevant twice … Continue reading

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Projecting (Double OpEd?)

Nebraska’s weather has finally started to be conducive to outdoors walking. With that in mind, my old friend Jorge said he had been cooped up in his truck all day and wanted to go for a stroll to Johnson Park … Continue reading

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Seeking Knowledge

I’ve sometimes wondered about mathematics and science teachers. They have acquired the knowledge and skills to do difficult things that have great commercial and practical value, yet they work as underpaid public school teachers. Yesterday, I thought about the algebra … Continue reading

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