Expand The Mind

“One of the secrets of youth is to remain curious.” This “secret” has been rattling around in my head for a long time. It has been my major “alibi” for going to the library every week and why I like to watch TED Talks, and documentary videos on the Internet. (I just Googled the words of my “secret” to see if anyone else has said this or if this is an original thought. If you can cite someone else, let me know.)

I’ve been told that a good way to be aware of and to be ready to take on opportunities is to study, read, attend lectures, and travel. I already love to do all of these. However, I’m currently lacking in the travel component, so it’s about time to go somewhere interesting again. All of these practices are ways to legally expand the mind, because they tend to inspire us to stretch beyond our easy comfort zones.

Boredom doesn’t stand a chance of blighting lives of people who exercise their minds. There are always new, exciting, interesting things to learn about the world and about oneself. Mental maturation is a continuous process that ideally continues until we breathe our last breaths. There are always scenarios to imagine, boundaries to breach. If you have a vision, be confident to dream it and achieve it. When you consciously go about expanding the mind, you’ll be amazed at what self-exploration will uncover.

The person who is unafraid of thinking and believing outside of the box is better able to see far into the distance and be prepared for obstacles and upcoming positive trends and developments. Mental expansion allows us to better prepare for unexpected circumstances. Another beauty of mental expansion is that it fuels even more curiosity–you might say it’s a perpetual mental motion machine. It’s practical and deeply rewarding to discover new information about the Universe and oneself as the perpetual mental motion machine does its work.

As much as taking in a lot of data and insights is good, mental inhalation necessitates mental exhalation. When our knowledge base expands, old, outdated misconceptions and beliefs need to be examined. Inaccuracies and harmful knowledge need to be culled out in order to allow for the next period of mental expansion to be of benefit. An easy shorthand phrase that works to remind me about this cycle of inflow and outflow is, “learn and discern”.

Everyone who has embarked upon their journeys of personal development has run into creative blockages, delays, and snags that surprise us on the path. Part of our exploration will entail going down blind alleys and being misled by opportunists. The wiser explorer realizes that in the end, these obstacles are essential aspects of our personal evolution. We remember that making mistakes, and admitting them are also secrets to mental expansion. Think of mistakes as the exhale phase.  After inevitable setbacks, we recoup our losses and redirect our paths. We are energized with yet more knowledge to enable us to further expand the mind.

The Blue Jay of Happiness ponders a quote from philosopher of Fragmentism and writer, Talismanist Giebra. “Untamed thinking turns your reality into a wild expedition.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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