Goodwill is one of those qualities that is extremely valuable yet does not have a price tag. A person can project goodwill towards others, but this does not mean a person will automatically earn it in return. Once someone has gained other people’s goodwill she/he can go far in life at the highest level.

Goodwill is an asset that is acquired much like a good reputation by demonstrating benevolent intent and following through with action. It’s hard to pin-point this quality because, by its soft-spoken nature, superlatives seem out of place. Haughtiness, is a goodwill killer.

When someone has earned our trust it is through constancy of action, truthfulness, friendliness, and benevolent concern. The trusted person has demonstrated that she or he has no ulterior motives in your mutual relationship.

We can see goodwill demonstrated in the international sphere by the rare nation that does not kill innocent people either directly through violent action nor indirectly through withholding humanitarian aid. A nation earns goodwill through providing clean water, food, medical care, and other tangible and intangible support in times of crisis.

A stronger nation can earn goodwill by helping a weaker nation to recover from disaster without seeking favors in return. The stronger nation affirms its leadership by overcoming religious and racial antagonism by encouraging peace and cooperation. The resulting goodwill benefits the stronger and weaker nations.

We see similar results when these actions occur at the interpersonal level. Most often people of goodwill act in accordance with mutuality. They overlook differences in religious and political opinions and other abrasive qualities. They relate with one another to achieve win/win outcomes. It is a matter of people working together and helping each other in the process. In such instances, respect and goodwill have been earned by and for both parties.

Personal admiration and affection are enhanced greatly in the presence of goodwill. This is because goodwill acts as an emotional catalyst that nourishes positive feelings towards a person. How can you not like someone who has your interests and needs at heart?

It’s telling how we can recognize a person who possesses genuine goodwill through their speech. We try to interpret what they say with how they say it. Are their statements flippant or serious? Do their statements foster annoyance or goodwill? We may notice this subtly at a subconscious level. However, if we’re mindful of their communications, we can more effectively interpret the speech of an acquaintance.

Goodwill is fostered at both the macro and micro levels by citizens and governments showing how seriously each takes loyalty, and abiding by a beneficial social contract. The presence of genuine goodwill is beneficial to the viability of society and individuals.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes President John F. Kennedy. “In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics.”

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