Reflections On Colors

Several years ago on this blog, I mentioned personal visions and curiosity about the pure primary colors blue, red, and yellow. I was very young, maybe four-years-old or younger. The only memories I have of that period in life was that obsession about the three colors. As I reminisce about this, it seems strange that a child could be so focused on purity of color.

If someone asks which color is my favorite, the answer varies depending upon my current mood. Most of the time a favorite will be one of the pure primaries. If not one of them, bright orange fills the bill. I love orange toned pottery and 1970s retro orange stuff.

Color is one of those words with an American spelling that differs from that used by most of the rest of the English speaking world. Sometimes I like the appearance of “colour” and other days I prefer “color”. It’s just that “colour” seems more sophisticated and nuanced. However, since I live and write in the United States, I stick with “color” so readers won’t be distracted by the addition of a “u”.

Thinking of “colour”, there is a multi-lingual Italian magazine named Colours that I used to subscribe to several years ago. The content was gorgeous and sometimes a bit shocking. I don’t know why I let the subscription lapse. Perhaps I should send for it again. I wonder if Colours is still shipped in kraft-paper envelopes from Italy.

Glass prisms are special because they enable light to split into the colorful spectrum. I have one on a window sill so that sunlight can feed it photons for a rainbow display of colors. We learn in school that rainbows in the sky are formed when millions of water particles act as prisms.

I wonder if Gilbert Baker had prisms or was inspired by a rainbow in the sky when he came up with the design for the LGBT rainbow flag. The flag is a great metaphor for our global community. Like many great symbols, the rainbow flag is controversial. There are some LGBTs who want to add or subtract a color. Then there are our adversaries who want to steal it away from us. Neo-Nazis and supremacists have burned the rainbow flag in order to demonstrate their hate–what a shame.

History reminds us that color has been politicized throughout the centuries. For instance King William of Orange defeated King James leading the Green Irish in a 1690 battle. The color red has been a political color for quite awhile. It has been the color of communism ever since communists have seeded revolutions. The Soviet Union was awash in red. Communist China has its red flag.

I don’t understand why anti-communist Republicans adopted red to represent themselves. How odd that we have so-called “red states” and “blue states”. Some commentators blend the two so there are also “purple states”.

Red is a popular color that is used by collegiate and professional sports teams. Here in Nebraska, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers’ chant, “Go Big Red” is akin to a religious mantra. My favorite NFL team is San Francisco’s 49ers represented by red and gold. I have a red cap for the Cornhuskers and a red cap for the 49ers to wear on game days.

“There are only 3 {primary} colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes; it’s what we do with them that’s important.”–Jim Rohn

We humans place a lot of importance to color. Artists create masterpieces with color and activists align political movements with color. Just as the Universe is an infinite blend of colors, humanity is an infinite blend of genetic and ancestral ingredients. Each of us places significance to certain shades and tints of colors.

You can learn a lot about a person when you find out hers or his favorite color. There’s something about the color that reflects a person’s inner nature.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes modernist artist Marc Chagall.”All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.”

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3 Responses to Reflections On Colors

  1. David Davis says:

    We have an orange cat whose name is William of Orange.

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