Feel The Synergy

When I hear somebody say she can feel the energy, I think she is noticing the people and environment around her are harmonious. Sometimes I pick up on that harmony. Then I voicelessly say to myself, “Feel the synergy”. That’s because the New Age term “energy” is not only hackneyed and discredited, it has become a meaningless, filler word. It is more effective to be precise, so replacing “energy” with “synergy” helps me to remain focused.

Synergy is a close relative of cooperation, but it goes more deeply into the core of creativity. It’s what happens when creativity “goes on a roll”. The result is not merely additive; it’s geometrical. In baseball, when the team is exploiting teamwork most effectively, the players not only win the game, they trounce the other team. Their skills combine beyond cooperative effort to win the game. Something clicks and teamwork becomes turbocharged. It’s almost as if each team member becomes telepathically “connected” to one another. The synergy of your favorite baseball team excelling in defense is a beautiful thing to witness.

Synergy evolves when one or more people come together in the spirit of cooperation to build stuff or to accomplish goals. The synergy builds when the team of a few people equals the efforts of hundreds of determined people. Synergy is what happens when that small team of thoughtful, respectful people goes beyond their preconceived beliefs to not only meet, but to exceed a great challenge.

We might think about mechanical watches. A serviceable watch has gears, levers, and springs that mesh together in order to keep track of seconds, minutes and hours. Meanwhile, an excellent watch has similar gears, levers, and springs, but those parts have been carefully crafted and honed to near perfection by a skilled watchmaker. The finished fine watch not only keeps track of seconds, minutes, and hours, it does the job more accurately than the serviceable watch. The accuracy comes about by the more refined meshing of the parts and the mindful care of the watchmaker or synergy of everything and the human being.

As a nation, we Americans are competing radically with one another. The polarization and balkanization has caused more of us to be adversaries of one another. If we remain at cross-purposes with one another or if we must bow down to the whims and wishes of an aggressive group, the country will die. The struggle for dominance is the opposite of everyone working together for a more perfect union.

Civilization and our species have reached the point where synergy has become an endangered concept. Global climate change and carrying capacity of the planet are coming to loggerheads. The clashes between factions adhering to traditional stubborn thinking and behavior are our greatest failures. Survival is going to require new pathways and the cooperation of us all. Instead of exploiting others with dominance mentality, we need to cultivate cooperation and synergy.

The habit of adversarial relationships among factions became obsolete long ago. Cooperative, synergistic relationships are the way to go if we are to discover and develop ways in which humans and the planet will thrive in the future.

This line of thinking may appear Utopian, but it is a positive line of thinking. It is unwise to continue with the cultural mindset of winner take all. We could be better off by working in synergy to find ways to lift each other up. It’s high time to feel the synergy.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes professional basketball coach Stan Van Gundy . “It’s hard to be successful over the long term if you’re not unified and there’s not that synergy between coach and front office.”

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2 Responses to Feel The Synergy

  1. David Davis says:

    How can the MAGA people fit into the greater whole?

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